Differences- Jawbone UP24 with Iphone UP 3.0 app Vs Jawbone UP

The Jawbone UP 24 is the newer version of the older Jawbone UP. The major difference between the two is that the newer one is wireless. It used the Bluetooth LE for real time exercises as well as sleep updates on the iOS device.
Note that the Jawbone UP 3.0 is also almost ready. This one works with the Jawbone iphone app. However it will also work the existing UP.

jawbone up

Note that the new UP 24 still does not have a display. It remains true to its old design. The App will offer you all the information that you need. All the device needs is more battery life rather than a display.
In terms of design the new UP24 has a new design-its crosshatch swirls into a curve across the underside .The original one had zigzag ridges. The new one also has a softer edged button which is multifunction. It feels quite comfortable when compared to the original.
The new UP24 has a different size USB adapter- as it used Bluetooth to transfer data and not by plugging into a headphone socket phone or tablet as did the original.
There are two color options- the Onyx and the orange one. The sizes are Small, medium and larger. Although it is not waterproof, it will withstand a splash her or there.
We like how easy it is to use as well as how comfortable it feels. The flexible rubber band will snap around your wrist and stay there when you are sleeping> remember to switch between the awake and sleep modes. You can also put it in stopwatch mode when you are carrying a specific activity such as a biking, weight lifting etc.

We also like how it communicates through discreet vibrations as well as 2 red LEDS- the latter who sign you the current mode it’s in.
Although Jawbone says the battery can last for a week we found that it lasts much more than that. The app drains the battery but not that much.
It can communicate with you via discrete vibrations and two red LEDs that show which mode it’s in.

Jawbone has made great strides by adding Bluetooth but we believe the app is even more important. However at time of writing this there was no android app so there is only an app UP 3.0 for use on phone IOS.
The fact is that Jawbone is now amassing a lot of data and interesting statistics .For example those who go to sleep alone go to bed 35 minutes later on average.
The UP3.0 will send notifications to you if you allow notifications with things that you might be interested in to challenge yourself based on past behaviors. For example if you miss your bed times for about 7 days it may challenge you to go to bed earlier.
WE like the way the app communicates with the device in real time. So if you say you want to go bed early it will prompt you to do so or push you to do more sit-ups to reach your set goals.
One cool trick we found is that if you forget to turn it on for sleep mode, it allows you to create an estimate depending on what time you think you went to sleep. So it will fill in the data and get you as close to your achievements as possible.
We hate the food logging where you have to go through its menu and select the foods you ate and ho much. So this is kind of a bore but there is no way around it- if it has to log your exact calories.
The UP 24 is about 20 dollars more expensive than the UP. We like the new UP24 because it has continuous sync and vibration alerts. However if you already have the UP it does not make much sense to upgrade.
The Jawbone UP24 goes up against the Fitbit” New Force and Nike’s Fuelband SE. The Jawbone stacks up well against the competition. The features of the Up24 make it much more likely that you will use it over prolonged periods of time.

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